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Principe Jose Maria Chavira (Divine Name) Principe Adagio Nom de Plume JCANGELCRAFT In partnership with the Holy Spirit
Espíritu Santo

Bio: Príncipe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. is Owner of World Bank, Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve, Every Bank in the World and is the owner and financier of the worlds largest and most prestigious companies in the world to clean up the reputation and keep stable, safe and viable all of those brand names that we love the most… even Disneyland.

He also partners with Medium size and Small Companies and Small Business that submit to Authority that God has invested in Him to help us push through the business and governmental holocaust caused by the Masons, those that think like masons and prejudice people who supported them.

Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio I –  holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology from California Southern University Post Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences and is the Author of the Nine Needs all Humans have co-written for these very times with God’s Holy Spirit to help heal survivors of the Mason Holocaust, an organized crime syndicate that murdered millions of people around the world, trafficked in children, sold drugs to children and kept nations in debt by selling them weapons of mass destruction. – Staff – The Crown Corporation ….in partnership with God’s Holy Spirit.

The companies listed below are a just sample of the companies that we own and are in partnership with.

View complete profile and see a partial list of the companies that we own at JCANGELCRAFT in partnership with the Holy Spirit



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