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D&G Dolce and Gabbana ….as the children of God we show our worth as adults then we become like children again in a better system or a system of our own creation all appeals to free will withstanding –  everything begins with JC Angelcraft ….everything begins with Jesus Christ …..we finance this world publicy and anonymously without need of thanks or gratitude.

Commercial Banking - Crown Commercial High Rise Banking TCC The Crown Corporation ...your money is safe with us

Commercial Banking – Crown Commercial High Rise and elevation Banking systems all rights reserved TCC The Crown Corporation …your money is safe with us and so are you.


Loving and accepting your children starts early in your lives before you even have them – JC Angelcraft

01. Ave Verum Corpus – a body of evidence – a body of truth – a need for good education without parental interruptions. I pray your guidance for all our Royals and Royal citizens in all matters concerning education and all matters that involve the Financing of this world and for respect for all your Royals from Royal Citizens not imposing on them or accusing them of anything in the spirit of anarchy, but showing the same care and concern for their children that we ourselves have.


02, ™Angelcraft ™Angelcraft Crown.yv Edu. « the square is mine » (™Angelcraft Crown Education.corpus) is in partnership with the Holy Spirit around the world meeting every educational budget without charging the country or this world’s citizens are not taxed for Education.

03. Royal Public Education at Royal Public schools is free of charge and all Royal appointments are by the Holy Spirit and are not to be questioned by Liars gracefully pardoned these Elite ignorant or unabashedly people so poor in spirit that the only life they know is a life where their own ego and lack of education travel and spiritual awareness makes them like good ignorant useless people.

04.  These are people who have no cause,  but their own, little concern for any, but their own pocket-book and their own egos that are so big they find themselves thinking to highly of themselves and soon they become involved with criminals instead of seeking God about all issues in their lives.

05. Such Arrogance exists all over the world and is so self-absorbed existing without any self-sacrifice of their own lives or any good works for their King or Country or their God

06. Yes their Holy Spirit who asks only that you love one another and that  pray for one another and do good to one other,  and do not lie, or do bear false witness and do not let jealousies rumors and gossip affect your lives,

07. Such arrogance exists and that without any scripture written by their own hand or good works or any sufficient purpose or a cause other than a brand of politics called law of Herod – the laws of demons and demon men who pretend to serve the people and yet cannot serve God for they do recognize the Spirit or the incarnation because pride is found in them,

08 Men and Women who base their knowledge on lies and rumors from others or lies in the media and news and then they wonder what happened to my life and why am I so gullible?

09.  Such arrogance exists in this world without sufficient love in their hearts for the Holy Spirit, for Humans, for children and for animals and their environment to justify their arrogance.

10. These Holy Spirit Mega-conglomerates – Mega Nonprofits are the basis for right making and spending of money all over the world forsaking  none and making sure that Her Royal Highness Maria Ramirez  Chavira Queen Mary 1st of the United States of America also acting President and Prime Minister along all Royales gets their respect above and beyond any dead mason industrialists or dead leader such as Donald Trump whose assets buildings and all properties do I own  or a dead Baruch Hussein (Obama) who owned nothing but debt to the masons and warn every person who tries to rise above their thrones of peace truth  justice, order and liberty or tries to lift up the dead before God who has rejected and buried the Dead.

11,  These companies and the power behind them take care of the victims of Masonry and the children and wives of Masons still living the greatest of eyewitnesses in come cases especially the boys and the young men and men who survived their Mason Fathers during the Mason Holocausts men who many boys girls and even adults where not really sure if they were really their children after a while.

12.  Felipe Calderon had run over many children in his presidency children he brought into his own house and he took down Margarita with him.

  1. Adagio 1st  La Renaissance of Jesus Christ Corporation.corpus and Non Profit Organization located at  ..,financial responsibility rests on us  ,
  2. ™CWB (Crown World Bank) Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve      …. we trust in God Our Holy Spirit much much more ,
  3. ™TCC The Crown Corporation and world offices ,
  4. ™The Angelcraft Foundation for Education.corpus non-profit Organization(s) , the Square is Mine all learning and pasturing is good for correction instruction reproof and judgement  That funds every ministry of Education ,
  5. ™(Crown) The JC Angelcraft Crown Corporation.corpus ,
  6. ™Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and Aerospace Foundation(s)  if carrys human or animal life only the best of technology will suffice ….see bouncy goat scripture – ,
  7. ™ Angelcraft Crown World Development Foundation.corpus  and World Offices ,
  8. ™Angelcraft Crown Architectural ™(ArCh).corpvs ,
  9. (ACWHC) ™Angelcraft Crown World Heritage Conservation.corpvs Society a body of Believers who by Faith in the Holy Spirit know anything is possible ,

Angelcraft Crown Conservation – Meet Luna the Shedd Aquarium’s newest little baby sea otter

13.  Based on Matthew 25:31-46 King James Version (KJV)

31  The Spirit of man ad spirit of woman have now been revealed to you in all their  glory, and all the holy angels with them, soon shall he sit upon superficial thrones but significant symbolic and necessary for mortal angels that need to see for themselves like they have seen the the new Pope or the King of Poland and the Queens and Kings of Europe and the United states and around the world –  in appearances at the Versailles and In Santa Maria a short trip in these days and time.   –  But the glory of Eve’s Husband the Spirit of man – the son of God Father – the Son of his Holy Spirit Mother and the son of the impossible to understand Holy Spirit (one Trinitarian Holy Spirit ) –  rests in his heart and in his love for the angels of heaven his commission and his charge and his oath to serve them as he serves the Holy Spirit and to rule them as the He should when they begin to turn away from good the ways of God, such as peace truth liberty and justice,   


32 And before him shall be gathered all the nations: and men and woman separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats loving them both.  

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand and the goats on the left loving them both. 

34 Then shall the King say unto them Come, ye blessed of my Father, and inherit in the kingdom prepared for you many times throughout history once again ever since the foundation of the world:


35 For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungered or thirst? and when did we gave thee drink?

38 When did we see you suffer and helped you? 

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my sheep and my goats, ye have done it unto me.

41 Then shall he say also unto them whose time has come I have not failed you, you have failed yourselves and those you were vowed to protect and serve,  

46 And these shall go away and the angels shall forget about them and the righteous shall continue into life eternal a life of reincarnation, a life of service and freedom with responsibility  but those work iniquity shall suffer until their powers of darkness are silenced. 

Though they make look and act like Demons never fear the workers of iniquity

14.  All Our Needs as Royals are paid for by Our Generous loving and Kind Holy Spirit my managing partner who funds all Ministries and all Angelcraft Crown Foundations in every Theocracy our Headquarters being in France through all of our Conglomerates starting with TCC The Crown Corporation and Our World Development,  Educational, Scientific, Conservation, Arts and Heritage  Preservation Foundations and Societies.

15. Our Private Schools are different and there is no system of schools in this world outside of our Legal umbrella and Financial responsibility.


16. Every King and Queen the permanent head of state for each voting Theocratic Monarchy in the World has a responsibility to come up with fresh Ideas for their Theocracies Educational system making sure to pay special attention to former areas of neglect and creating and designing well planned field trips for Children Pre-school though 12th Grade.


17. Make sure to contact our corporate offices at the Versailles for your budget needs and we will help you understand your budget for your ministry of Education so you are in conformity with your accounting department who will budget specialized field trips for middle school children and high school children to museums and specialized festivals for the day by plane, train, or bus with special needs of children always being addressed — especially fear of flying —and down syndrome children integrated as much as possible with their colleagues of the same age.


18. Private schools really do not make much sense, but people have their predilections and if a Royal Religious Education is not good of for people they have to pay for one of many private or boarding schools available for them.   Any Child may option for boarding school and has a right to go to boarding school even if they do not have any money or their parent(s) cannot afford it.  Whatever a child lacks and needs to feel good about themselves and their lives – if the chosen souls to raise them fail to get more education themselves — we who are educated — will not fail the children for they are many; and many an angel is born every day. 


19. As a seventh grader my first plane in the Republic of California for the Garden Grove Unified School District John Wayne Airport in Orange County California to San Francisco on Air California, Mason politicians through the Garden Grove Unified school district Charged each child 75.00 US Dollars to go.  Not all students could afford it.

Loving and accepting your children starts early in your lives before you even have them – JC Angelcraft9.

20. We will  not have that problems with money around the world for anyone as I and the Holy Spirit own everything technically even your own souls that I ultimately and responsible for your judgments

21. From the Airline Industry to Fashion Banking Food Products  Animal and human  Food Companies, Business Towers and Religious Buildings and the Petroleum Industry et all and we make Billions of Dollars a Daily in pure profit and this more than compensates for lack of religious taxes and thats tithing of your own free will so now we can make sure the best salaries are paid, investment portfolios kept up our Royals are kept very affluent and distinguished and education reformed and spread like ever before and many opportunities for adults to return school and with single parents and single adults this has turned into a social venue as well.


22. Lettered continued to my Royales:  Make sure you schedule and plan the finest of venues for the children’s school airplane field trips and keep the flights at the middle school level to no more than one hour or one and a half hours at most with options for one or both parents to accompany their child and be sensitive to any complaints a Child or a group of children who do not want their parents to attend due to their development need to feel like grown ups.


23. At least one field trip a year by plane for grades 6th 7th and 8th.  Privates school Charities through the Angelcraft Foundation for Education –  will be set up for Parents who cannot afford to travel their children or pay for the school field trip. The Child then Goes on a Scholarship if they want to go to private school such as a Catholic School or even in later Years a Mahayana and Hinayana University Buddhist or Aquarian Prep School or University or imagine being an Italian boy or girl and attending Vatican Private School for children in the Holy Free State and Theocracy of Absolute Power the Only Theocracy in the World where the pope has been appointed by the votes of Heaven not the votes of mankind who lie to world about their Mafia Cardinal Frances who is dead and who posed with mason the Idol Worshippers before the judgement of 2011 and 2012

24 The Former Musical Artist Andrea Bocelli is the new King and Pope of the Vatican Theocracy.  His Divine Name is Sua Altezza Reale – Papa Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) Divine Royal and Rex Civitatis Vaticanae.  (Nicknamed) The Innocent for he is blind and absolved of any sin any accuser might bring against him.


25. The latter was a very important issue to me as Child who did not have to school bus to go to elementary after my mother signed permission for me to walk to school.  I had a need to feel like a grown up at least a middle school child.  Offer free counseling assistance to any problem situations before send Social Workers and involving Police and Truancy officers.


Angelcraft Crown World Heritage and Conservation…meet Kiwis a little-orphaned beaver preparing himself to build a dam by hydrating his body

26. Children are souls we are charged to care for and not posses.  All parents know this  and letting go of your child in small steps for the day with DVDs of their trip is not much to ask for.  The trip should last from 8:A:M and the Children arrive home depending on the length of the trip anywhere from 3:30 PM to 7:pm at the latest.


27. All questions concerning government will be answered to everyone’s satisfaction concerning specialized funding and all the goodies and extras through the Versailles Our Holy Spirit center for Central Informational Support.

28. Basic information about budgets inflation or deflation should be exactly the same as provided by Your Theocracies (eChoe)  just please contact our exchange at the Versailles ask for assistance in your language if you have any doubts or concerns or any questions for that matter about anything that you need to feel comfortable with as Royals or Royal Citizens.

Sea Otters

Sea Otters

29. The exchange phone center is a mixture of human operators and artificial intelligence.

30. JC Angelcraft – His Royal Highness Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st Aga Khan V – Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum full Divine Name –  JV Agnvs Dei  Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei – Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni  – (Adagio 1st) Aga Khan V – Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum    Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs

princess-sigrid-agrenpater-nostro-sanctvm-blason-jose-maria-chaviraback-of-business-cards-son-altesse-royal-jose-maria-chavira-ms-adagio-1st-nom-de-plume-jc-angelcraft01-jose-maria-chaviraher-royal-highness-son-altesse-royal-edda-van-heemstra-audrey-kathleen-hepburn-ruston-1stAgape Amourus Sanctus Eternus - Van Heemstra coat of Arms of her Royal Highness Son Altesse Royal Edda van Heemstra Audrey Kathleen Hepburn Ruston 1st -the-golden-bearinterpol-prince-jose-maria-chavira-ms-adagio-1st-copy-2angelcraft-crown-world-devlopment-foundation-corpvse284a2fundacic3b3n-jc-angelcraft-a-c-todo-con-conciencia-todo-con-el-propc3b3sito-todo-con-amorageo-angelcraft-crown-aeronautical-aerospace-corporation-corpvsthe-completeness-of-god


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