The Origins and Foundations of all Things for Dummies – What is life all about?


  1. Book 1: The Origin of all Things
  2. All Education begins in the origins and foundations of creation, our own creation and all that we see created around us. 
  3. Faith and Religion established order that established in us good moral laws upon where great Theocratic Civilizations thrived,
  4. places where through history we once as angels lived and adored so much.
  5. Life and our own existence in time and space as Angels is a mystery.
  6. Some angels still have trouble believing in the most basic of concepts known as being born again into the afterlife or the next life as we called it in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
  7. The Hindu’s and the Vedic as the Parsee know and teach this eternal concept as Reincarnation.
  8. Hinduism has a complex system of reincarnation teaching one that we all have been through numerous times in various lifetimes of ours.
  9. So what purpose is there to life that matters to God our Holy Spirit?
  10. That purpose is to involve ourselves in missionary work first to the faith before moving on to other educational topics, themes and sciences made possible by faith and in existence even before our own creation as angels.
  11. Thus we go through history incorporating each other back in to the faith, belief in something greater than ourselves,
  12. Belief in God our Holy Spirit who has no name for some and a great many names for others who would not tarnish nor dare use iniquity or divination by the name they believe to be the name of God. 
  13. Such people would weave their spells to make us feel inferior when in fact they are the inferior and more fallen of angels.
  14. And we fight the good fight to win back our brothers and sisters
  15. And we do this as different people having forgotten our past work and our past lives.
  16. And thus we must approach our lives looking at each life that comes before us uniquely
  17. And approach life as if each angelic soul before us in each life time we shared together is a soul worth saving ignoring all iniquity aimed at us by fallen angels being judged.
  18. Unbelief makes itself known to us in the flesh and by the working of iniquity;
  19. But like anything that lives and breathes, unbelief seeks acceptance and friendship from superior angels, but will devour a lamb given a chance,  like wolf would devour its prey.
The Angelcraft Foundation for Education Comparative Religion for Dummies

Comparative Religion for Dummies is fun way to get started on learning the good things of God’s Holy Spirit

  1. Book 2:  The Way…you must be born again
  2. It is good to approach each of our  lives as if it were our first last and only chance at living in the flesh
  3. With the conscience and aim that we wish to please our maker,
  4. And establish once again a good home with happy healthy confident offspring
  5. Our brothers and sister angels and that one day may be our mothers and fathers who give birth to our souls and raise us.
  6. Thus raise your angelic brothers and sisters in the ways of God that all might go well for them and you.
  7. For one time life no-reincarnation Christians or Atheists, live your life-like Paul who wrote we live only once and then the judgment.
  8. Actually each life we live is only lived once and each life lived is judged when we die.
  9. But if you insist that you only live once, then prove your worth by being the greatest evangelist ever because this may be your only chance to make it to a heaven or a good place in the Universe.
  10. God gives us the feeling of being like new angles
  11. all our memories of our pain and sorrows and even our joys of our past lives are forgotten because that is How God wants it
  12. For this reasons we indulge ourselves in history and some of us feel as if we lived during those times in those scrolls and books that we love so much to read.
  13. But by all means remember,  to everything there is a purpose.  So live each life as if it were your only life or even your last life.
  14. This way you will be more productive and better able to focus on what matters most, saving our fellow Angels from perdition.
  15. Enjoy this playlist of our missionary work from the movie the Mission made Año Domini 1986 by the Holy Spirit the great Historian and Keeper of our eternal lore in the heavens and on the worlds.
  16. This film the Mission is but a sample of time and the historical record to be taken by faith and made through the medium of film that recaptures our struggle against ourselves.
  17. Our struggles to find God in repentance and our drive to re-Christianize our fellow Angels even though they be aborigines, even though they be Atheists is woven in this film that like a fine fabric adorns the frame of our flesh in whom lives an angelic missionary that is willing to undergo the obstacles of life of suffering for others even if that suffering be by chastely living and or a life of intercessory prayer for others having all hope and faith that our prayers have not gone in vain and dying with the peace of knowing we have accomplished the most noble of tasks.


  1. Book 3: One Christ for all and all for One Christ 
  2. Christ crucified fits nicely in every faith and in every religion for basic reincarnation understanding and teaching and for the forgiveness of sins.
  3. Thus as we are forgiven by the innocent blood shed at the Cross, we must learn to forgive each other even at times those that pursued us and violently persecuted us such as Saul of Tarsus who after persecuting Christians and Apostles was forgiven by the leadership and became their greatest evangelist, scribe, and leader in the absence of Jesus Christ.
  4. It is written in the our Father for those that dare to pray forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.  If it were not for the Cross many of us would never be forgiven for the Our Father it would seem was a prayer that may have existed even before the times of Jesus or written by Jesus himself before he awoke to his mission.
  5. a mission to give his life for the remission of sins that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life from the Book of  John chapter 3 verse 16.
  6. I pray you enjoyed  The Mission 1986 starring Jeremy Irons and Robert Dinero
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