The Works of the Angelcraft Foundation where the light of the Holy Spirit Shines Brightly Every Day


™The Angelcraft Foundation for Education ..where the light of the Holy Spirit Shines Brightly Every Day ® all rights reserved by the Holy Spirit © Everlasting to Everlasting Our Main Address: José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla No.48A-Bis No.305 Colonia, Palos Prietos, Mazatlán Sinaloa de Adonai Nuevo Jerusalén 82010 Correo Electrónico no 1 Correo Electrónico no 2 Teléfono 52(669) 954-0380

The Angelcraft Foundation has networked with True North Helping Hands and Rotary Club.

It continues to provide assistance to its local community and helps to educate the world on issues of importance.

In Partnership with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit YHVH Foundation, The Holy Spirit Bramble Bush Foundation, as well as The Holy Spirit Foundation, its works are many.

Principe Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT - La Pluma de Eternidad-En colaboración con el Espíritu SantoI feel the most important next to ministering to the human condition like never before are the Geographic enhancements the new mountains all over the world, the New lakes Rivers, Gardens and Streams as well as the new land masses where they are needed and the fixing of fault lines all over the world not to mention the state of the art the New Geo thermal Electric Power Plants and the elimination of Nuclear Fusion, Illegal Crystal Meth, the elimination of the Cocaine plant and the Poppy planet and replacement with crops that are needed and valuable.  As well as world peace, I have prayed for the elimination of all illegal drugs illegal and the modification or elimination of legal drugs that are harmful to their user if they are unable to control their prescription drug medication.

Allow us and the Angels of Heaven a bit to Herald the works of our Holy Spirit that are too numerous to read even if you lived for 25 Trillion light years.

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El Mexiquense Las Montañas proclaman la Gloria del Espíritu Santo

The Holy Spirit Mountains of New Jerusalem have the highest Peaks in the world the highest being 37,777 feet. Mount « Everlasting to Everlasting » is even higher than Mount Everest and separates the Theocratic Monarchy of New Jerusalem –the Old Country of Mexico– from the The Sovereign Province of the Voting Theocracy of the United States of America. World Administrator AGNVS DEI Prince Adagio José Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT –PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI –Eternity’s Quill-Psychologist –Writer-Educator-Conservationist-Environmentalist-Human-Women, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have


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