Welcome to The Angelcraft Foundation for Education in partnership with the Holy Spirit


To reach the Angelcraft Foundation for Education write c/o AGNVSDEI Jose Maria Chavira calle Ferrusqilla no.48A-Bis Dept 305-A Colonia palos Pritos Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico 82010. Telephone Number 52(669) 954-0380 Email josemariachavirams@live.com Yahveh Ciudad de Querubines Nuevo Jerusalén

The Angelcraft Foundation is inpartnership with the Yhwh Foundation and the Holy Spirit Foundation.

In planning, The Angelcraft Foundation for Education started in 1999 as the Latin America Foundation an economic concept foundation to bring more schools and higher education te Latin American sector of this world with private funding and without stepping on the toes of presidents from failed third word democracies.

This before the discovery of the E-coli eradication Bioterrosrism map and George Bushes Jr. plans to undermine The United States of America with te Department of Homeland Secuirty and sell it out to Nazi Tuetonic German and British Knights.

Formerly presented to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Department of Defence DOD as the « Latin American Foundation, »  Its hope was to rejuvinate Mexico and Latin America.

In Mexico in 2008, The Angelcraft Foundation recieved its Charter as a CIVIC association under the name of Fundación JCANGELCRAFT A.C. FJA0809108B5

The Angelcraft Foundation has done numerous projects and has given to charities worldwide.  It was worked and coordinated with Rotary and and True North Helping Hands as well as Green cross during the Dengue Crisis in Mexico City.

The Angelcraft Foundation continues to educate the world thrugh various mediums on things that matter the most and provides sustence to the community and at times shelter for those in need on a temporray basis.  No rooms are currently avaible.



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